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Helping you to create the life you want?

Do you feel that you know what you want but you just don't seem able to get it?

Do you feel that you are sabotaging yourself?

Do you feel that you can't move on from events in your past?

Do you feel you are living everyday in a state of constant anxiety?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try the result is always the same?

Areas I work in: motivation, self esteem, confidence, trauma, stress, weight loss, career, procrastination, performance, relationships, energy, fear

If any of these scenarios feel like they describe where you are at the moment then some life coaching combined with EFT, could help you to make the changes you need to move through them. Or perhaps you are not even sure what is going on but you know you are not happy or living your best life.

I am a life coach, NLP practitioner and EFT practitioner based in London. I help my clients to achieve what they want in life by getting clear about what they are really looking for, and then creating the strategies to help them to get it.

Sometimes however, knowing what you want and having a strong desire and determination to achieve it are not enough. Sometimes we can be inadvertently blocking ourselves and we are not even aware that we are doing it, which is why working with a coach can be so effective.

As a life coach, I found this to be the case for a lot of my clients. This led me to consider what might be going on under the surface preventing them from achieving what they were looking for.

Often we consciously know what we want (but not always), and what we need to do to achieve it, and yet we don't do it. It is in these situations that we find ourselves working against ourselves. We can be fearful or being held back by limiting beliefs.

Often the problem is that we have sculpted our reality based on what has happened to us in the past and how we have interpreted those events. We have come up with a version of reality, and rules based on these interpretations about how we are going to navigate our way through this world. We are not always that consciously aware of a lot of these ‘decisions’ that we have made about the world and our place in it. Either because we were very young when we made these decisions or we just decided something was true at some point. And these decisions are not always helpful and prevent us from fulfilling our greatest potential.

By raising our awareness of what our operating systems might be we get the opportunity to make the necessary changes to ensure our success and happiness.

To help my clients find the success that they are looking for, I use a technique that allows me to address underlying beliefs and emotions that are preventing them from achieving what they want. This tool is known as Emotional Freedom Techniques.

"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."

Thomas Eddison

I offer life coaching and EFT sessions online and face to face in Wandsworth. Typically my face to face clients come from Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Battersea and Balham but the majority of my clients opt for online sessions.

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