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The My Body and Me Program helps women to create a positive relationship with their bodies, food and themselves. When you have been at war with your body for any length of time, this can feel like an extraodinary idea. If you are not happy with how your body looks and have tried any number of diets that have not worked, it can be easy to look at your body as a failure, and ultimately yourself too.

This program tackles the issues step by step so that women are able to create a healthy relationship with their body, food and themselves. This means that they can be free to enjoy their lives, unhampered by the negative thoughts and emotions that being unahppy in your body can create.

I used to believe like many people, that to lose weight and achieve a body that I could be happy with, was purely a matter of self-discipline and determination. If you really wanted it enough, then you would resist the temptation of food, go to the gym, and lose weight. The implication of this belief is that any failure to lose weight is simply down to weakness and a lack of willpower.

What I have learned now, is that until the underlying emotional issues that a person may be carrying about themselves, and the world in general are addressed, permanent weight loss may be impossible. They will be in a constant battle with themselves and their relationship with food.

In addition to that, the advice to simply eat less and exercise more is not only insufficient to create permanent weight loss, but counter productive in many cases. Putting the body into a constant state of famine is not a sustainable weight loss strategy. Most people find that once a diet or an 'eat less and exercise more' campaign is completed, and they begin to eat even a little more food, all their hard won progress is rapidly undone.

For this reason a dieting approach is not going to succeed in the long term. To have long term success, the role of food in a person's life needs to be addressed, the right habits need to be created and their body needs to be in a state that allows them to burn fat. These are the pillars of the My Body and Me Program.

I use a combination of coaching techniques in conjunction with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to help my clients achieve their weight loss goals, and find peace with their bodies.

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'From the moment I started working with Maxine I started to see results in my behaviour. The changes felt effortless. I think this is a combination of the techniques she uses, her amazing ability to teach and convey knowledge and her compassionate, non-judgemental way of going about things. I have gone from someone who doesn’t walk to someone who can’t stop walking! And I’m already seeing food in a completely different way. It's all about changing your attitudes and your beliefs, and if you want to do that fast, go and see Maxine. It’s actually all very easy when you know how, and Maxine shows you the way.'

'Getting coached by Maxine had a very positive impact on my life. It has changed the negative view I had of my body to positive. It has really helped to change my attitude towards food and take more control and I learn something new from her each session.'

'My experience working with Maxine has been amazing, insightful and profoundly helpful. I remember our first session, I really wanted to lose 5 kilogrammes. That time it was very important to me. It was my goal. I thought that losing numbers will bring me happiness and satisfaction. It was just an illusion. When we started I was only stressed about my appearance as my clothes were tight and I had guilty feelings per se as I didn’t do anything to make changes in my life. Maxine helped me release subconscious blocks (honestly, I had a lot) to success with mindful eating, setting up new eating habits during our coaching sessions. Emotional comfort brought physical changes, I noticed how my body changes step by step. And now I can say that I don’t care about numbers, I care only about being healthy, stick to my new eating habits and I know for sure that sooner or later I will be in a great shape as I am emotionally healthy. Thank you so much for being my coach. It was an amazing experience!'

'I was very privileged to be coached by Maxine. Maxine is professional, reliable, a great communicator and academically astute. She created a safe environment for me to explore and delve deeper into some challenging areas of my life. I found EFT to be very powerful in raising awareness of my behaviours, learning about myself, understanding the mind/body connection and helping me get control of my emotions. I am now much more confident, have a healthy dialogue with my emotions using tapping techniques instead of food. Maxine provided me with the tools and understanding to take control of my eating habits and see food as a source of nourishment. I now feel I have a healthier relationship with my body. Thank you Maxine.'

'Maxine was very easy to talk to and put me at ease from the beginning. I feel I have a friend now not just a coach. She helped me to identify the stressors in my life which in turn caused my unhealthy eating. We went through a programme of tapping which was new to me. This helped with my stress and I started to lose weight naturally.'

'This is undoubtedly the most holistic approach to weight loss that I have ever tried: exploring the use of biology, psychology and social strategies in order to achieve optimal results. During the first two months of working with Maxine I lost a stone and twelve pounds, which not only makes this approach the most efficient weight-loss method I have ever tried, but also the most sustainable. As a coach, Maxine is incredibly supportive, and I felt was really rooting for me to succeed.'

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