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'I worked with Maxine when I was having a particularly stressful time at work and under a lot of pressure. She talked me through various scenarios that I was apprehensive about and then set me tasks to find a solution to tackle the issues and obstacles I was facing.
Maxine’s workshops helped build up my confidence to follow through with my ideas and stand up to the challenges ahead.
I would fully recommend working with Maxine Croft if you are in need of achieving a goal or managing a tricky situation but need help with finding the stepping stones to get you there.'

Philippa, UK

'I felt very comfortable working with Maxine. She is very professional and really knows what she’s doing. And that was important to me and I could relax. My session with her allowed me a great insight into the issue I was going through at the time and this was instrumental in me moving past it. As I think back to our session now and the limiting belief I had at that time, I can hardly relate to the old me. I’ve moved on. Thanks Maxine.'

Steve, Australia

‘Thank you very much again for the fantastic coaching over the past weeks. I enjoyed every single session and they really helped me exploring different areas of my life, my thinking and my future. With the action plans we worked on, I feel well equipped and they give me confidence to continue practicing.’

Christina, Entrepreneur, Germany

'Working with Maxine was great - she is very supportive and a skilled coach. I personally like how she is very structured and always focuses on how to set an action plan to solve a problem. This approach helped me set goals and immensely progress in my business.’

Osha, Founder of ‘Become The Best of You’, New Zealand

‘Maxine helped me to set and achieve a number of goals. I found her approach to be very clear and sensitive. I felt she understood the issues I was facing and really helped me to articulate how to tackle them. It has quite literally changed my life - Maxine helped me to shift my perception of myself as a creative artist and I am now using my time more effectively and taking my work more seriously.’

Sophie, Actor and Writer, UK

‘I first agreed to sessions with Maxine to work on self-confidence and setting a clear focus for my career. Each session has been constructive and I’ve come away with significant progress made against the stated goals. I am very much clearer in my career goals and my confidence is improved. I also have a strong appreciation for coaching as a result.’

Tom, Entrepreneur, UK

'The progress I have made in terms of self-development has provided me with plenty to reflect on and the confidence that I possess all that is necessary to build a successful future and achieve challenging yet exciting goals.

Sessions have put me in a position where I feel far more in control of my life by re-framing thoughts in the positive, prioritising those actions that will bring the most benefit to the direction I want to be heading in and by challenging my ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds.'

Simon, UK

'I found Maxine to be very motivating during my coaching sessions. During and after the session I find that my motivation levels have increased and I am excited to begin work to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.

I have found the sessions incredibly helpful and am looking forward to reaching my goals in the near future.'

Joanna, UK

' Maxine coached me on a variety of topics - from working on short to medium term goals to exploring deeply seated values and beliefs. She did this with sensitivity and support throughout.

I felt really energized and very clear in my goals and actions after the sessions with Maxine.'

Yulia, UK

'Maxine encouraged me to focus on the positives, to acknowledge my strengths, to explore and challenge obstacles that were holding me back and to commit to actions necessary for me to move forward with the goals I wanted to achieve.'

Catherine, UK

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